The Joyefit supplement line is manufactured in an NSF, GMP certified facility.

Good manufacturing practices (GMPs) are FDA rules and regulations that provide a system of processes, procedures and documentation to assure a product has the identity, strength, purity and composition that appear on its label. This means that every bottle goes through a rigorous manufacturing and testing process to ensure a safe and quality product.

Unique Advantage

All products are tested more than any other product on the market, with more standard operating procedures and document control to further enhance the safety and effectiveness of the product. Our ingredients are carefully combined to increase the potency of one another for unmatched results.

You are able to get all of these benefits in just one capsule a day because we replaced the binders and fillers that other products use with more of our ingredients. This offers you a more powerful product with fewer capsules to take.

What separates Joyefit supplements from other products on the market today?

Highest Standards of Production – Manufactured in a NSF, GMP certified facility that meticulously assembles our products to ensure you get the highest quality made supplements on the market today.

Delivery system (Vegetable Capsules) – Ingredients are in powdered form for maximum absorption. Packed in a vegetable capsule for easy digestion, absorbable by even compromised digestive systems. This is of major significance. When a product is made with a compressed pill as its delivery system, the body can lose up to 80% of what is stated on the label through digestion. In other words, the absorption can be so minimal; the individual may see little, if any, benefit from the product. Especially if they have a compromised digestive system.

Quality of ingredients – Does not cut corners when picking our ingredients. Our handpicked, specially selected ingredients were chosen specifically for their potency and effectiveness. We have also chosen the best forms of our ingredients to ensure you are getting the best product available. Different forms of the same ingredients have different absorption rates. An ingredient may have many potency levels, which is why we took that extra step to make sure not only are our ingredients of the highest quality, but they work perfectly together to ensure the best results.