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The Author, John Oye’s first book is the culmination of his 20 years’ experience as a personal trainer and lifestyle fitness coach. This experience led him to understand that we all react to imbalances and stress in much the same way. He asked questions like: how do we work, what makes us who we are? How are our complicated and interdependent systems fused into a whole person, which may be imbalanced? Better yet how can we improve this balance and optimize our well-being?

MonkeyBrain is an incredible journey of discovery that began when Oye started exploring the relationships between our brain, our body, and our spirit. By creating his Joyefit Fusion TM System, the author was able to map out a path to well-being between these systems.

Oye knew that getting from here to there, first meant understanding what the MonkeyBrain is and how important it was to tame it.

Next he takes us on a journey that tells us about the brain. Here the author explains how the brain reacts chemically to the information coming in from the Universe, both inside and outside our bodies. It is a wonderful reference section that is highly readable and informative. You’ll find yourself reviewing it time and again.

Assessing and conditioning your physical body is the next great tutorial that will help balance your brain, body, and spirit. Here is a wealth of information that you will refer to often on your way to optimum health.

Finally, Oye gives us a great overview of our spirits and his surprising and convincing discussion on the importance of spiritual practices to optimize health.

The book, MonkeyBrain connects all the dots here with brain (chemical), body (physical) and mind (spiritual) connections that will make sense. It includes worthy projects for improving your life.

Last but not least the author has included his template for everyone to use. It is called The Joyefit Fusion TM, a 21 day challenge.

Here you will be able to systematically work on optimum balance and wellbeing by doing brain work, body work, and spirit work on a daily basis for 21 days! Have fun and enjoy the “Fusion”!

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MonkeyBrain is a self-help guide to help create emotional balance, physical health and spiritual awareness. The practical approach to wellbeing by integrating the Brain, Body and the Spirit. MonkeyBrain will help you understand the brain/Body connection and the latest scientific data on the relation between spiritualty and health.

The book first explains the scientific data of each then provides the needed framework to correct or improve each area. Each part provides a plan of action: tools, techniques or exercises that will help strengthen and improve that discipline.

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