Meet Johnny Oye
Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach – Mind/Body Trainer  – Author and Speaker

Being the owner of The Joyefit Institute, Fitness & Wellness Studio  and  Joyefit Wellness  & Adventure Retreats, Johnny and his team carry out the company brand of, “personal life changing results through inspiration, empowerment and unique fitness & adventures” to the fullest extent.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Johnny began working in the fitness industry at the age of 21 , he has formal  education in anatomy/physiology with extensive knowledge in neurophysiology, brain chemistry and behavioral science. Johnny’s relentless dedication to learn and understand how the brain works and how the body responds allows him to address growth and development for the entire human system: Mind, Body and Spirit. After moving to Florida in 1999, Johnny continued to work in the fitness industry as corporate head trainer/athletic director, prior to opening his own personal training studio.

Johnny’s focus on successful and stimulating group-oriented corporate & individual retreats drives his balance in life, as he has a passion for assisting others achieve their goals through teaming and mind/body fitness. The retreat ventures were created to provide a place and allowed for a temporary detachment of mind/body stressors and allow a re-connection to Mother Nature while integrating healthy nutrition, enjoyable fitness and extreme adventures to stimulate personal and professional growth in many ways… Individually, and in connection with one another.

Johnny continues to personally train clients and families when not facilitating fabulous retreats. His personal brand is a brand of “driven to a successful balance of strength, motivation, inspiration & appreciation”, and that is evidenced in his combining his formal education with his continued education, core functional training knowledge and post injury fitness certificates to allow for growth regardless of timeframe or backdrop.

In addition, Johnny has designed and developed “The Joyefit Fusion™” workout. A revolutionary conditioning program specifically  designed to improve, correct, and activate brain chemistry in the best possible way. The fusion improves and strengthens  the physical body,  improves brain function and brain chemistry, and helps develop spiritual awareness.  The integration of these three disciplines promotes growth in all areas, brain, body and spirit,  creating synergistic results. The Practical approach to improving the entire human system. designed to ensure “Wholeness”.

Life Coaching is a process of guidance and support for clients who desire assistance in strategizing, planning and implementing self-change and personal development programs. As a health & fitness professional, Johnny addresses all that a person was, all that a person is and all that a person desires to be.

After decades of helping individuals improve health and balance,  Johnny wanted to reach a larger audience. He spent over two years studying the latest research in psychology, neuroscience and brain chemistry,  as well as reviewing the latest sceintifc data  on the health benefits of spiritual practices. What resulted is the book,  MonkeyBrain, a self- help guide that provides the necessary framework to improve the entire human system. MonkeyBrain is available at Bookstore.balboapress.com, Barnes & Nobles.com, amazon.com and through the joyefit.com web site.